The best things in life often emerge through lifting the veil of uncertainty

The best things in life often emerge through lifting the veil of uncertainty
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 “Embrace uncertainty, some of the most beautiful chapters of our life won’t have a title till much later”
- Bob Goff

Your life will always be filled with uncertainty. Its been one of the hardest truths to come to terms with. For years I yearned for financial certainty, personal certainty, & certainty of family & friends. 

No matter how hard I tried, the picture I had in my mind never materialized. It led to a cycle of disappointments. Then it led to depression. 

I wanted to control life. We all want to have control of our lives. But control is an illusion.

I feared uncertainty because I wasn’t sure I could fulfill the story I created in my mind. But this fear that can be your undoing on many levels.

The sooner you realize, “You don’t have control, no one does.,” the better off you will be. Life is a series of uncertain events.  If you spend your time trying to control life, it ends up controlling you.

You'll probably fall victim to the idea of negativity bias. You become aware of all the negative things that don't line up with your story & you miss all the positive opportunities right in front of you.

We all have a life story in our mind. A story created from childhood, from what family and friends expect of you, and a story of what society says you should be in life at a certain time.

But the story is always evolving. Trying to adhere to a fixed story only makes it harder to enjoy the moment today.  If you learn to embrace uncertainty you can change the narrative in your mind.

We are constantly dictated by the chatter in our mind. Every minute of the day, we have thoughts. Our mind compares these thoughts to things happening around us and to our internal life story. 

For example, how many of us mentally recap our day right before going to sleep? Our mind decides whether or not the day was a good one, or a bad one, whether the things we did today lined up with that story.

What if the story is not going according to plan? Those thoughts can consume you. They can lead you down a road of fear, depression, and ultimately suck the life out of you. You'll miss the abundance of opportunities right in front of you. If you embrace uncertainty, you will learn to what is right in front of you. 

How did I overcome this? I did it by choosing to live my life by a purpose. What drives you? What energizes you? What things are you most excited to share with family and friends. These things can help you rewrite your story.

I also decided to stop living my life by outcomes and milestones. Instead I began putting my focus on the journey instead of the milestone. 

Every unique purpose is a good one. That is the source of beauty in the world. Diversity allows everyone to contribute something different.

The purpose of a grade school teacher greatly differs from a sick women who wants children, but health got in the way. Children energize them both in different ways.  

Another important aspect to living with uncertainty is deciding to stop living my life dictated by the views of others. Opinions are the cheapest commodity on the planet.

Even if you don’t know your purpose, becoming aware of the idea alone is a step in the right direction.  You can discover it by making mistakes and trying new things.  And without the worry of criticism from others, the journey is an exciting one. 

The best things in life often emerge through the lifting the veil of uncertainty. Learn to welcome the unknown. Over time you will become comfortable with it. The things you decide to do today will determine the future that lies ahead for you.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” — Steve Jobs


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