Two words that will help you get anything you want in life

Two words that will help you get anything you want in life
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We are living through the greatest time period in the history of mankind. Whatever you want from life, or whoever you aspire to be, the words "google it" are your gateway to achieving it. 

The internet is the great equalizer amongst people. It levels the playing field. It puts the collective knowledge of mankind into the palm of your hand. 

The internet can be your greatest friend or your worst enemy depending on how you decide to use it. 

If you want to get the things you desire most out of life, the choice you make about the internet is the most important one. 

The internet provides access to free information on any subject you can think about.

The internet has been a good friend of mine for fifteen years now. Its helped me become a photographer, build my own business, beat depression, & ultimately transform my life.

Society has taught us to believe that our abilities are fixed. Some people are smart and others are talented. Sadly, if you believe this, it will stop you from getting what you want out of life. 

Do you know what makes smart people smart? They decide to do smart things. They decide to take steps that make them smarter. They simply decide they want to be smart people. 

Intelligence is not a fixed trait. Intelligence is developed taking small steps each day. Talents are exactly the same.  You develop talents by taking small steps until one day they are recognized by society and people call you talented. If you understand this, almost anything in life is possible. 

Thats what Sproutbrite means for me. I choose to use this company as an opportunity to "Grow brighter everyday." Its a daily reminder to make each day a little better then the last.  

The choice people make about how they use the power of the internet is the reason people feel more helpless today than ever. Society has taught us to favor the internet for entertainment, social comparison, bullying, & spreading negativity. But the internet along with the right mindset can be the very thing you need to create a life you are truly happy with.  

If you want to get more out of life, the steps you need to take are not as hard as you think. I want to share my story with you and how a few hours a day has helped me accomplish things that you probably think are impossible for you to do. 


From 2003-2008 I worked at Fordham University in New York City. It was a very unfulfilling job. It was also the best thing to happen to me in life at the time. 

An unfulfilling job, the power of the internet, and the idea of growing brighter everyday helped me accomplish a big dream. I got to tour the world as a successful music producer & live a dream that most said was impossible.  Without the internet, this dream would have never happened.

We all have dreams--big and small. The steps required to accomplish either are exactly the same.  

When I first aspired to be a music producer, I knew nothing about it. 

Each week, I had 10-12 hours of free time.  Each day I spent 1-2 hours using this time and the internet to learn. 

Its amazing how a few hours a day over time can lead to really big things. If your goals are smaller, then accomplishing them will take that much less time. The choice to start is the only thing holding you back. 

While many choose to complain about their life, you can take that time & energy to change things. With google & time you can learn anything!

For years after my success, the most common thing I heard from people was, "Wow, Domenick you have so much talent!" But remember, I told you, before I started, I knew nothing about it. What most don't realize is my talent was created from a few hours a day & a dedication to growing brighter each day.


Contrary to popular belief, having a number one hit record doesn’t make you rich. Not even close! 

In 2013, I made a choice to move on in life. I had accomplished what seemed to be an impossible dream. But I learned that the people I was surrounded with were not the people I wanted to be like. They brought me down to the lowest point in life.   

That year I faced heavy depression. I had $14 dollars in my bank account and $30,000 of credit card debt. 

So I went back to doing the very thing which led me to success in the first place. I used the words "google it."

I found a website called Creativelive. It sold courses on photography. 

Each day, I dedicated a few hours to learning photography. 

In a few years time, I became a well known photographer in New York. 

And my depression--if I had listened to what society told me to do, I would have taken lots of anti-depressants. 

I spent 1 hour a day learning about depression. I connected with people who beat depression & I learned you can fix your mind naturally and eliminate depression permanently without medication--and one year later I did. 

Look at how many things can be overcome with the power you already have!

If you still subscribe to societies view about people, you might think, I must be really smart. But I’m normal, just like we are all are.

In grade school I wasn't smart enough to hang out with the “smart kids.” In high school & college I finished in the middle of my class. 

What separates me from you is that I did not buy into what people around me said. We all have the power to be great, talented, & smart.

If you want to change your world, be a catalyst. Be the purveyor of change. Spread the message to friends & family. The power of the world is in the palms of your hands.

Use the internet to learn more and entertain less. If enough of us do this, it will cause a chain reaction and we can change the world.

You can achieve anything you want in life if you believe you can. You can beat almost any circumstance if you are willing to use this power. Adopt the motto, “grow brighter everyday”

I guarantee in a year or two you will be able to do things you never thought possible, find inner strength you never thought you had and start to get whatever it is your looking to get out of your short time here.


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