Why Sproutbrite & the seven daily habits I follow to grow brighter

Why Sproutbrite & the seven daily habits I follow to grow brighter
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My name is Domenick, and I am the founder of Sproutbrite. I created this brand in 2015 to help get a bigger message out to the world. The message "Grow Brighter Everyday" is the flagship for my life and I believe it can help make your life better too. 

We are often led to believe that we can’t change the world. But we can, and it starts first by changing our own world.

I adapted the mantra of "grow brighter everyday" as a teenager. It has helped me overcome difficult life circumstances & also achieve dreams. It teaches me everyday how to live a life I am excited to live. 

It can also help you grow towards a fulfilling life no matter who you are, where you are, or what you want to become.

We all have different ideas of what a fulfilling life is. It might be a strong family, being a better friend/spouse, following your passion, traveling around the world, doing a better job at work, building your own business, or something else. Performing consistent daily steps can help you achieve all of them & more.

Who we are & what we can accomplish is not fixed. Our past does not affect our future. We are always a few decisions away from changing our lives. We have a choice each day about how we choose to live the rest of our life. 

I’m a regular guy, whose been lucky to experience hardships. Lucky because life's hardships are what build strength & character. Hardship allows us to grow if you choose to let it.

Sproutbrite is my daily reminder. And I would love it to help it be yours too


Why Gardening? I chose gardening products to launch the Sproutbrite brand because there is a symbolism in growing from seeds. The fresh produce, beautiful flowers, or mysterious bonsai trees are all symbolic of people. They are a reminder that we are just like seeds growing in the soil. We start with something small & work towards making it bigger & stronger.











How can you start to grow brighter everyday?

I want to share seven daily habits I practice to grow brighter each day. They have help me become a better version of myself. If you incorporate them into your life, you can too.   


1. Being honest with others & yourself

Life has its fair share of dishonesty. Society often conditions us to use dishonesty to gain advantage over others.

But being honest will help you sort out the inauthenticity in your life. Inauthentic people suck the life out of you. At first, people around you might not appreciate it, but they will be won over with consistency. Its a reminder to yourself and others that you set your standard higher. 

Being honest with others is important, but being honest with yourself is more important. 

Have you ever taken a day, or a week to reflect on yourself? Self reflection will help bring out your limiting beliefs & behaviors that hold you back from being who you want. To get comfortable growing each day you have to become comfortable with honesty in yourself.  

Address one belief or action each week. Take the time to think about why you do or believe itBring it to the front of your mind. Learn to catch it, become aware of it, then work to change it. In a few months the change will become permanent and your one step closer to being a better you. 


2. Practice forgiveness & let go of resentment

Forgive others & yourself. Do not harbor resentment in your heart. If you let it build up, it will consume you & you will never be able to grow. 

Most of us are guilty of this including myself. If you resent yourself or others about past decisions, you need to actively work each day at achieving peace within yourself about them. Remember, the past is not a reflection of your future. We are always a few new decisions away from changing our reality. 

If you do it, it will free up your focus to think about today & tomorrow instead of yesterday. 


3. Be Helpful

Its simple right? But people often look the other way when given a chance. 

In life, its usually hardest to help the people closest to you. Our history gets in the the way. 

I started by doing it for strangers first. It helped me get started. 

Holding the door for a stranger, being extra polite to a server at the restaurant, or helping someone when their hands are full.

When your at a restaurant, its the job of the server to serve us. But its an opportunity to be kind & helpful to that person as well. 

These opportunities are everywhere. The key is to learn to see them. Most people don’t expect it. So when you go against the norm, people might smile, you might smile, & everyone feels a little better.

The effects are compounding and help to build an inner momentum. I find that the more I help strangers, the better I feel about myself & the easier it becomes to help the people that are closest to me.


4. Be kind & acknowledge people

What often stops us is inner resentment, anger, or limiting beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of.

One of the easiest way to be kind is just acknowledging people you wouldn’t normally acknowledge. Thank people for the small things. Thank anyone that makes your day easier.

By practicing this daily, the people at the places you frequent most will eventually know you by name. You might get offered free food, extra help, or moved to the head of a line for a cup of coffee.

We operate the company out of a shared warehouse facility. When we first moved in, I was kind & acknowledging to the employees that worked at the facility.

Recently I had a very large delivery come in. I planned to move it with the help of my staff. Would you believe, the whole team at the storage facility took it upon themselves to move it for us. 

I believe they did it because we treat them differently then others coming in & out of the facility. We go against the societal norm of treating them as staff first. We acknowledge them as people.  

So remember, acknowledge people.  You might be surprised by people’s response back towards you.


5. Be Open to Change

Most people do the same things habitually. We all have comfortable habits.

Our brains are programmed by default to be this way from thousands of years of conditioning. So it takes effort to change.

Most people go wrong with this by trying to change too much too quickly. It took years to build your current habits. But they can be changed by taking small steps daily. 

Changing one thing a week or a month is not that hard. Simply become aware of the thing you want to change. Then make a decision to start changing it. After a few changes small changes in your life, you will build a momentum that helps you change bigger things.


6. Learn something new everyday

We are living in the greatest time period in the history of mankind. We have a large portion of the collective knowledge of the world in the palm of our hands. 

Society has taught us to believe that our abilities are fixed. Some people are smart and others are talented. Sadly, if you believe this, it will stop you from growing.

Do you know what makes smart people smart? They decide to do smart things. They decide to take steps that make them smarter. They simply decide they want to be smart people. 

Intelligence is not a fixed trait. Intelligence is developed taking small steps each day. Talents are exactly the same.  You develop talents by taking small steps until one day they are recognized by society and people call you talented. If you understand this, almost anything in life is possible. 

How many of us look back at our life ten years ago & say "I wish I had done this, or that"

Start today & ten years from now you’ll be smarter than you ever imagined.

Commit 1 hour a day to learning something new. Pick your favorite hobby or topic and start with that first. 


7. The 5 second rule

Mel Robbins a world renowned speaker & best selling author coined this technique. She discovered it at 41 years old while her family was in financial ruin & she was highly depressed. 

Today this technique is backed by neuroscience. It will help you take action on all of these steps. 

Every time you have to make a hard decision, count down backwards from 5 to 1 and make the decision. This forces your brain to interrupt the pattern that causes fear, procrastination & lack of action.

This is a great brain/mind hack and it works for almost anything.

For example, getting out of bed in the morning, calling an old friend, spending less time watching tv, or talking to your boss about a raise. 

Watch Mel Robbins interview here on Impact theory. If you do it enough and stick with it, you will begin to change the tone in your mind for the hard decisions.


Create your own fulfillment & remember to grow each day. Start small, build these habits daily & one year from now you can live a life that is levels above where you are today.


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