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Who doesn’t love Bonsai trees? The catch is they require true patience. To help bring beautiful Bonsai trees into more homes, we have created the Sproutbrite Total Bonsai Starter Kit – the easiest way for people of all ages and experience levels to grow their very own Bonsai trees.

Each kit contains 5 tolerant Bonsai seeds including Japanese Bed Pine, Silver Wattle, Hedge Maple, and more. 3 seed types offer the quickest Bonsai growing experiences possible with no stratification required, while the other 2 are perfect for people who want a more patient growing experience.

No matter your age or experience, follow our easy instructions and you’ll always get stunning results. We take the guesswork out of gardening so you can enjoy hassle-free germination every time.

The Total Bonsai Starter Kit contains:

  • 5x - 4 1/2” biodegradable growing pots to transfer into the ground or a bigger container, 
  • 5x - coir soil discs that expand to fill each pot, 
  • 5x - food grade silicone pot saucers to keep your windowsill sparkling clean
  • 5x - wooden plant marker labels to identify vegetable type
  • 1x - mini shovel to keep your hands free of dirt, and a handy set of instructions to ensure beautiful veggie babies.
  • 1x - tree pruning tool to help train your tree for bonsai
  • 1x - easy to follow instructions to help you get started

Our Total Bonsai Starter Kit contains high-quality items sourced from 4 different countries. 

  1. USA - Seeds from the best farmers on the planet. Organic & non-GMO tree seeds. 
  2. CANADA - Biodegradable Pots from Jiffy, the global leader in manufacturing for natural and earth friendly planting pots
  3. INDIA - Coir soil, a better & PH friendlier alternative to peat moss & potting soil. Coir soil is made from coconut husks where we can say with 100% certainty that no pesticides or chemicals are used. Coconuts do not require any pesticides or chemicals to thrive so farmers never have a need for chemicals to get the most out of their farms. 
  4. CHINA - Useful accessories to enhance your experience.  

The Sproutbrite Total Bonsai Starter Kit is the perfect gift for anyone interested in gardening. No matter the age or the experience – if you follow our simple instructions our kits are beginner-proof! There are no gardening kits that look and deliver like Sproutbrite – we’ve thought of everything!

Ideal for school projects, senior care community gardens, urban apartments, & office window sills. Sproutbrite’s Bonsai kit connects people of all ages to nature. Nurturing a Bonsai tree is an incredibly rewarding experience, whether you’re 9 or 90.

Growing a Bonsai tree from seed is a patient activity that is the perfect antidote to the fast-pace of the modern world. Let the Sproutbrite Total Bonsai Starter Kit help you become a Bonsai master, knowing that if you aren’t satisfied with our kit, we will give you your money back. Now brighten your day with our Bonsai kit!

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