Total Garden Flower Starter Kit - Preorder now - Ships June 15-20


Did you know that flower power is real? Just being in the presence of flowers enhances mood and productivity & reduces depression. The impact is more powerful still when you’re growing your very own flowers right on your windowsill. Or in the garden. Or wherever you like thanks to Sproutbrite’s easy-to-use Total Garden Seed Kit for Wildflowers.

Each kit contains over 15 wildflower seeds including daisies, cosmos, sunflowers, and more.

No matter your age or experience, follow our easy instructions and you’ll always get stunning results. We take the guesswork out of gardening so you can enjoy hassle-free germination every time.

Inside our charming kit you will find:

  • 5x - 4 1/2” biodegradable growing pots to transfer into the ground or a bigger container, 
  • 5x - coir soil discs that expand to fill each pot, 
  • 5x - food grade silicone pot saucers to keep your windowsill sparkling clean
  • 5x - wooden plant marker labels to identify vegetable type, 
  • 1x - mini shovel to keep your hands free of dirt, and a handy set of instructions to ensure beautiful veggie babies.
  • 1x - easy to follow instructions

Our wildflower seed kit is made up of items from 4 different countries. 

  1. USA - Wildflowers seeds from the fields of the middle America
  2. CANADA - Biodegradable Pots from Jiffy, the global leader in manufacturing for natural and earth friendly planting pots
  3. INDIA - Coir soil, a better & PH friendlier alternative to peat moss & potting soil. Coir soil is made from coconut husks where we can say with 100% certainty that no pesticides or chemicals are used. Coconuts do not require any pesticides or chemicals to thrive so farmers never have a need for chemicals to get the most out of their farms. 
  4. CHINA - Useful accessories to enhance your experience.  

The Sproutbrite Total Garden Seed Kit is the perfect gift for young and old. Other gardening gifts simply can’t compare to our charming presentation. Every detail has been considered to provide everything you need to produce beautiful wildflowers no matter what your experience.   

Word is spreading about Sproutbrite as evidenced by features on Buzzfeed &

Ideal for school projects, senior care community gardens, urban apartments, office window sills, and good old-fashioned backyard gardening. Sproutbrite’s wildflower seed kit connects people of all ages to nature. Kids love learning about gardening, adults enjoy the change of pace, and seniors find it brightens their days. 

Have you always wanted to grow flowers but didn’t think you can or had bad experiences? With the Sproutbrite Total Garden Seed Kit just follow the easy instructions and you can produce beautiful wildflowers every time. If your kit doesn’t brighten your mood as you hoped, we will offer a generous money-back guarantee. Join the green thumb revolution today.

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