Classroom Posters for Educational & Motivational Growth Mindset for Students - 2 Pack - 16"x20" Each



  • Do you want to raise your child to keep trying, to keep going – especially when things get hard? But you hear them say, "I can’t," "It's too hard" or "I'm stupid"...Your heart breaks. Telling them “they can do it!” just doesn’t work. Study after study proves this.
  • Lets face it, today’s world is more competitive and complicated than ever and your child will inevitably face challenges you never faced growing up. The greatest tool they can have in their tool kit is the right mindset. These posters help empower your child with phrases and ideas that help them mold that mindset, a mindset to set them up for success in school, work, and the rest of their life.
  • The Sproutbrite growth mindset posters are great visual reminders for children and even adults that a positive mindset, hard work, and dedication can improve their intelligence and their abilities. The founder of Sproutbrite used these exact sayings and ideas to transform his own life at the age of 33 years old, to go from zero to on his way to being a hero—so we know they work!
  • These motivational posters are great to hang for pre school, kindergarten, grade school & middle school classrooms, children's bedroom, hallway, library, church, and workplace.
  • Printed on lightweight 80b standard poster paper with ultra sharp resolution & colors, these posters can be adhered to the wall with just scotch tape. They will also fit into any frame including the thinnest border frames. With bold and inviting colors they catch the eye making them almost impossible to not read at least once a day if placed in the right spot.

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